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Selected Op Eds, Essays, and Reviews

"Oh look, the progressive left suddenly cares about free speech," National Post

(16 November 2023)

"The Harm Reduction Consensus is Cracking," The Hub (16 May 2023)

"King Charles III is as Canadian as maple syrup," National Post (5 May 2023)

“Become a cheerleader or find another job: The political test of equity, diversity and inclusiveness initiatives,” Macdonald Laurier Institute (15 February 2023)


“Jordan Peterson will be ok, it’s the rest of us who need to worry,” National Post (12 January 2023) 

“Genocide ‘Concept Creep’ More Likely to Harm Reconciliation,” National Post (29 October 2022) 

"Conservative Professors are Self-Censoring to Avoid Left-Wing Hostility," National Post 

(30 September 2022)

“Terry Glavin’s Critics,” National Post (15 June 2022) 


“The Lessons of Munich,” The Hub (9 Feb 2022)

“Quebec commission proposes bold new approach to protect academic freedom from woke mobs,National Post (20 Dec 2021)


“Only the Woke Need Apply,” Macdonald Laurier Institute (22 Nov 2021)

“Question Time,” a review of Price, Questions of Order: Confederation and the Making of Modern Canada in Literary Review of Canada (October 2021).

“Debating Genocide in Canada,” History Reclaimed (Sep 2021)

“The Canadian Historical Association’s Fake Consensus on Genocide,” Quillette (10 August 2021)

“This Canada Day Let’s Cancel the Cancellers,” The Hub (28 June 2021)

“Canadians' rights collide,” National Post (6 May 2021)


“We have a collective action problem and we’re all to blame,” The Hub (5 May 2021)

“The results are in — there is an ingrained bias in academia against conservatives,” National Post (4 March online/9 March paper 2021) 

“In the Eye of the Historian,” a review of three books on Louis Riel, Literary Review of Canada(January/February 2021).

“Confessions of a Social Constructionist,” Quillette (17 September 2019)

‘Canadian Universities Have a Viewpoint Diversity Problem,’ National Post (4 July 2019)


“The Cult of Personal Autonomy,” Literary Review of Canada (October 2018). 


‘Four Secrets of Canada’s Success,’ Peterborough Examiner (30 June 2017)

‘History Lessons, Cast in Bronze,’ Globe & Mail (28 October 2015)

‘Empire Man’, a review of Donald Wright, Donald Creighton: A Life in History in Literary Review of Canada (September 2015).


‘Eugene Forsey’s Traditionalism,’ The Dorchester Review 4:2 (Autumn/Winter 2014).

'A Monument to Victims or Just Partisan Bluster?' Toronto Star (21 December 2014). [not online]


'After Del Mastro' Ottawa Citizen (7 November 2014). 

‘Following the sheep,’ a review of Julie Gilmour, Trouble on Main Street: Mackenzie King, Reason, Race, and the 1907 Vancouver Riots in Literary Review of Canada (May 2014).

 ‘The Great War Left More than One Legacy,’ Ottawa Citizen (15 January 2014)

‘No devil in Museum of History details,' Ottawa Citizen (4 December 2013)


‘National Indigestion’ The Dorchester Review 3:2 (Autumn/Winter 2013): 40-44.

'CanLit Embarrasses Itself' Ottawa Citizen (14 November 2013) 

'Political Scandals don't Always Stick' Ottawa Citizen  (4 Nov 2013) 


‘Lester Pearson on Trial,’ a review of Yves Engler, The Truth About Lester Pearson in Literary Review of Canada (April 2012).

'MPs Don't Really Want to Talk About History' Ottawa Citizen (7 May 2013) 

‘Yorkville State of Mind,’ a review of Stuart Henderson, Making the Scene: Yorkville and Hip Toronto in the 1960s in Literary Review of Canada (September 2011).

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